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02-11 The Star of the Week in Second Grade

The school’s approach towards teaching English is one that focuses on developing a solid foundation in speaking and communication through the language, especially in the earlier stages of Primary Education. To attain this, we started early on in the month of October the activity called “Star of the Week”. In the second year of Primary Education, every week a student is chosen by the teacher and has the task of creating an alien with recycled material such as scraps of fabric, plastic bottles, lids, or paper among other possibilities.

At the end of the week, the students are asked to bring their aliens to school and present them to their classmates.

Students develop the necessary skills to speak in public while describing their alien in English and talking about its favourite things. It’s so much fun we can’t wait till it’s Friday again!

In the pictures you will see second graders showing off their homemade masterpieces: aliens they built with their own hands using recycled material.