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09-06 Hands up, let´s go to the lab!!

The pupils of Secondary School and Bachillerato have carried out different practices in the laboratory of Science of Hispano Inglés School during this academic year 2017-2018.

1. Identification of trees of La Laurisilva.                                                                  

1st year of Secondary School pupils identified some of the main trees of La Laurisilva using an identification key of leaves.

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2. How does a thermometer work?                                                                              

2nd year of Secondary School pupils built up a homemade thermometer.

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3. Preparation and observation of mouth epithelial cells by microscope.

3rd year of Secondary School pupils prepared a slide of mouth epithelial cells to observe at the microscope.

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4. DNA extraction from liver cells.                                                                                        

4th year of Secondary School pupils extracted DNA from liver cells.

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Practical number 1: saponification reaction, the process of making soap.

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Practical number 2: elaboration of yogurt and “Bieuret reaction

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Practical number 3: activity of catalase enzyme.

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Practical number 4: dissection of a bone fish.

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