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26-05 Our English Week 2014

From the 28th to the 30th of March, an annual English Week was successfully held. Our goal was to encourage and motivate students as well as experience a different school life.


Every April 23rd Saint George’s Day takes place and is celebrated at Hispano Inglés school. This year, we have decorated our school taking the London underground as the main theme. Every class had the name of an underground station according to each level’s line and the underground map was also done on the playground floor for everybody to see.

The entrance of the school had different typical things that represent the British culture. The corridors on the ground floor were also decorated with flags made by the children from the different levels of pre-school education.


Our primary and secondary students tried to create an English atmosphere at school, so they designed lots of amazing projects, posters, models... That way they were able to talk and learn about black cabs, London underground, the Routemaster, the Union Jack, British breakfast, music, tea, sports, buildings… They also created a section called “English around us” to show the importance of English language in our society.

During that week students were also involved in different activities such as storytelling, puzzle games, language games, project works, a Book Fair and some contests.