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04-04 How to Extend English Learning Beyond the Classroom

A workshop is a seminar or small group that meets to explore some subject develop a skill or technique carry out a creative project, etc.

Giving lessons in the classroom is the traditional way of teaching, but learning a language should not be limited in the classroom. How do you know how students are learning? What is happening in a child's mind when he or she learns? How does an educator know that a strategy is effective? Should we continue to use traditional tests (such as multiple choice) to assess what students have learned? Constructivism is based on the idea that a child "constructs" her or his understanding of the world through experiences, interactions with objects and interactions with other people. These workshops explore how educators can use this idea in the classroom by developing collaborative activities, lessons that involve situations directly related to the learner's life, and student-motivated projects.Through these workshops, we have explored  alternative avenues of assessing student work. That's why we have decided to allow our pupils of Secondary Education to become "teacher for one day" and interact with  pupils of Primary Education. These workshops aim at exploring practical approaches that can be adopted by Secondary Education  students to help Primary Education ones to develop autonomy, self-directed learning, group work, creativity and other skills in English learning. it is worth to show our students they can help younger learners to improve their English and get to know facts about English Speaking Countries's culture.