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18-03 How to celebrate Saint Patrick (more photos)

At Hispano Inglés School we are celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day doing different activities.

 How can you celebrate it ?

 1. Though history saw celebrations of feasts in his honor, St. Patrick's Day was not officially recognized until 1976. Saint Patrick has been credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. There seem to be multiple origin stories for St. Patrick's Day.       

 2. It is thought that St. Patrick used a shamrock as a metaphor for the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), showing how three individual units could be part of the same body. His parishioners began wearing shamrocks to his church services. Today, "the wearing of the green" on St. Patrick's Day represents spring, shamrocks, and Ireland.

3. Go green. You don't have to wear a sweater with a giant shamrock on it.(Though that would certainly help you stand out.)

The great thing about this holiday is you are free to go as subtle or as wild as you like. St. Patrick's Day t-shirts have been a common article of clothing to wear proudly.

Consider the following suggestions when picking out something to wear (see related Warnings below regarding what to wear):

*- Accessorize. Buttons, pins and jewelry are all great ways to dress up an outfit. On St. Patrick's Day, they become ways to express the fun side of fashion. Nothing is too gaudy or outlandish. Buttons with clever (or not so clever) sayings are also encouraged. Small shamrock pins are a great and subtle way to express your support of the holiday. Dying your hair or your pet's fur bright green is also a great way to stand out. Be sure to use a non-toxic dye.

4. Eat traditional Irish food. Beer and spirits are not the only great "foods" to come out of Ireland. Corned beef (corned beef is not a traditional Irish meal, that tradition started in NYC), cabbage and lamb stew are tasty ways to "keep it real." Potatoes are about as Irish as you can get and are one of the staples of the Irish diet.

  1. Traditional Irish foods include bangers and mash, colcannon, corned beef and cabbage, stew, boxty, a Belfast breakfast and praties-potatoes.
  2. In Ireland, the day is usually celebrated by eating food such as pink bacon or savory roast chicken. Corned beef and cabbage is from American tradition.

Play some Irish music. Ireland has a long history with music, and many incredible styles have emerged. Celtic, folk and traditional Irish pub songs might just get you in the St. Patrick's Day spirit!

6. Attend local parades. If you can't make it to the five day festival in Dublin, Ireland, check out the scene locally. Though small towns aren't likely to have parades, many large cities such as New York City, Boston, St. Louis, San Francisco, Chicago, London (UK) Montreal (Canada) and Sydney (Australia) have great celebrations. Savannah, GA boasts the second largest parade in the United States, while out of any US state, Boston has the highest number of Irish descendants by percentage of population, and its South Boston St. Patrick's Day parade is the first recorded anywhere in the world.

Learn to Irish Dance. Not only will it impress everyone you know, but it's also a fun way to increase flexibility and burn calories!

8. Be respectful. Since St. Patrick's Day has become a secular oriented holiday in practice, there may be people who feel offended by your green enthusiasm. This is why it is important that you understand why the holiday exists. Explain that you appreciate the early traditions of the holiday and that you aren't intending to dishonor those traditions––you are just trying to have fun.
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